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Dinosaur Birthday Party

Are you ready to have a ROoARING good time!?
 It's a Dinosaur Birthday Party! They are big, loud, and stomp around!

Personalized Invitation layered with cute polkadot patterned paper

Birthday banner adorned with green and yellow paper poms on each side

Amazing birthday cake in gigantic dinosaur's egg shaped! 

There was tons for the Sweetivores at the party!
– Chocolate covered Choco crunch(prehistoric stones)
– Cupcakes
– Dino's Egg snacks
– Brownies sprinkled with icing sugar (Ice age soils)
– Popcorn Cones
– Yellow Chocolate balls (mini dino eggs)

Bottled water wrapped with cute dinosaurs wrappers

adorable favors for each kids to take home!

and personalized Thank You card

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Fire Fighter Birthday Party

Sound the alarm and join us for a Fire Fighter Kid Birthday Party!
We decorated the dessert table with red and orange color scheme. Added decoration details such as red paper poms on each side of the happy birthday banner.

As centerpiece, we asked lovely dalmatian puppy statue to help us guard the dessert table
 - she usually guard our lawn -

We shaped the birthday cake as fire extinguisher,
covered in fondant and sweeten with chocolate balls

a jar of "cheetos" as petrified fire

pink meringue cookies as sweet flames

chocolate donuts as smoked tires

and butter popcorns sprinkled with a bit of paprika

this "burning pops" chocolate covered cake pops was a big hit for the kids!

All DIY printables decoration can be found in our Etsy shop
here is the link : LeeLaaLoo Etsy Shop

Rainbow Ruffle Cupcake

For my upcoming Rainbow party, I've been trying to create (as simple as possible) cute and colorful cupcakes. I had my eyes on butter cream but then decide to use my favorite medium, fondant!
They are less messy to clean up and easy to work with.

Things you have to keep in mind
-You have to work F A S T ! because fondant tend to dry out fast (or maybe my kitchen temperature's too dry, but they dry up almost instantly here)
-Using your hand, smush the logs with each other, we don't want them to fall apart
before flattening them with the rolling pin.
-Carefully, slowly ...  flat them with rolling pin, keep trying to get a circular shape
without breaking the logs apart
-Make ruffles by folding the circle shape, dry them in you muffin pan

and voilĂ  ...